Friday, September 23, 2011

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Bemister!

We did it! 

The best day of our lives came and went, but we are left with memories filled with love and happy tears. Matt has never looked more handsome and I have never felt so beautiful, and we could feel the love in the room that night. All my worrying over the dress and details was silly, because it all turned out just as I imagined... perfect!

As the planner for this event, it's hard to tell how all the details went over among the guests.  Did people like the table numbers?  Did they each grab a coca-cola for the favor? Did they like the food or try the cake?   I'll just assume it all went off without a hitch. 

Because I was busy being walked down the aisle by this smiling man.

To go meet this one...

And after the most heartfelt service by a pastor who took the time to counsel and get to know us, I was kissed by a handsome, tear-streaked face and we became man and wife.

Then we got to do what we were most excited into the night with everyone we love.

 So as this journey as engaged couple ends and we begin our lives as man and wife, I hope we keep dancing, and singing and laughing and loving.... all the days of our lives.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Caution. Reduce Speed. We Are Now Entering Wedding Week

That's right folks.  The time has come. We have officially entered wedding week. Although it doesn't feel like it yet as Matt and I are both still working with our normal routines.  And although family has started arriving in town, they have turned around and left again to visit my parents new house down in St. Simons Island.

But after today, I'm hoping the butterflies and the excited feelings will begin and carry through the weekend.

It's funny to think that the event I used to daydream about is actually here. I used to think about what kind of wedding I would have and the man I would marry.  Of course back then it looked a lot like this:

And less like this:

But it feels a bit odd to finally be here. I feel... well I'm not sure how I feel.  I feel happiness of course, but I feel older.  I'm taking a big, serious life step and I feel the significance of it. I know the giddiness and excitement for the dress and party  is right around the corner, but for now I'll let the weight of event sit on my shoulders a bit more. I don't want to take this wedding or marriage for granted you see.

And after Saturday,  I know my daydreams will change.  It's no more prince charmings or dresses I'll dream of, but this instead:

Here's hoping that fairy tale will come true too.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why Get Married?

I was asked that this weekend while in Seattle on a work trip.  To be fair, it was on par with the topic of conversation at the table that night.  The majority of the table's occupants were recently divorced and I felt a need to defend my immediate nuptials. Let's clear up a few things, shall we?

  • I do not live in a fairy tale where Matt is my prince charming and I believe we will live in a land called  Happily Ever After where there will be champaign for breakfast, chocolates for dinner and I will never get above a size 4.
  • Nor am I getting married solely to have this big, beautiful wedding.  While I may have spent my childhood dreaming of this day, I always knew there was a lot more to this commitment thing than just 1 day.
  • I am not getting married because I've turned 27 and I need to do it now before my looks expire when I turn 30.  I am also not getting married because all my friends have done it so I have to as well.
  • And finally, I am not getting married because I don't think there is anyone "better" than Matt so I am not settling.

However, I am getting married because Matt is my best friend, my partner and my family.

I am getting married because calling him my boyfriend is no longer good enough to describe what he means to me.

I am getting married because I want my babies to be raised by a caring, loving man who will bring much laughter and support to their lives.

I am getting married because this man fulfills me. I feel 100% secure in his love for me and vice versa.

I am getting married because I can not imagine my life without him in it.

I am well aware of the divorce rate and know we have a 50/50 shot. But we have weathered much in the past 5 years, including some big changes in our lives and in our personalities. I pray that while we continue to change and grow as people, we do this together and stay connected. We also know this will not be an easy road,  but when I look at Matt and say "To have and to hold from this day forward" he knows I mean it.  And you better believe I'm taking him at his word.

Maybe I needed to write this blog post to look back on when the day comes that I am frustrated and annoyed and wondering why we jumped into this legal commitment?  Maybe it will remind me that I had zero doubts that this was the right decision.

Nothing in this world is guaranteed, and I'm not going to pretend to know what will happen in my life.  But I am climbing aboard this ride with Matt, ready to face whatever may come our way.   That is why I'm getting married.

End of Speech....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

T Minus 50 Days

The invitations are out, menu is being finalized, dress is being sized (sized down I might add- not let out like I feared. Halle-freakin-lujah), rings have been ordered and the paster has decided we're not a lost cause.  It's beginning to look a lot like a wedding!

Now my to-do list is filled with last-minute details.  From finding baskets to hold the favors to printing the programs, getting our marriage license to finalizing music selection (not to mention hair trials and table numbers and more- Oh My!)- we have officially entered crunch time!

Please meet my official theme song for the next 50 days.

Whenever I start getting overwhelmed with everything we have still to do, this song inevitably starts playing louder and louder in my head to drown out my thoughts.  Then I start dancing around the room and doing air kicks.  I tell myself it is exercise.

So far it's been working.  Ask me in a few weeks if this coping method was successful or if it has pushed me right into crazy-town...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Probably The Best We Will Ever Look...

I knew I liked my photographer.  From the moment I saw her pictures and viewed examples of wedding shots she had taken, I loved how light and airy all her images looked.  So I really shouldn't have been surprise at how amazing our engagement pictures turned out. But boy was I shocked.  Enter vanity.

But let me back up a minute.  It all started on a hot and humid afternoon in May.  My hair was curled, make-up freshly applied, AC up to the max in an attempt to freeze/confuse my body into thinking it was spring and not summer.  Matt was already at the park, he was in a good mood and ready for our session.  The amazing Rosanna arrived and off we went.

Those first pictures were just so awkward. All we did was look at each other laugh. Eventually we relaxed a bit.  Matt kept cracking jokes which got big laughs from me- which Rosanna said was making for great pictures.

But then the sweating started.  I kept trying to not mess up my hair or make-up. Matt was trying to not sweat through his shirt.  We changed clothes to try a new look and freshen up a bit. We sat down in the grass but I could tell we were losing Matt. I could see his running monologue: "Man I could use a beer.  I think I'm sweating through my shirt again. Maybe we should have Mexican for dinner. Why does it smell like dog poo?  The ground is really hard.  How much longer are we  going to be taking pictures?  And my eye HURTS!"   So it was obvious it was time to wrap it up.

Through it all, our photographer Rosanna was so much fun.  Laughing with us, offering suggestions.  I can't believe how easy and painless the process was.  And after seeing these results, I can't wait to see how the wedding pictures turn out.  So, while this in not an advertisement for Rosanna Marie Photography, if anyone in the Atlanta area is looking for a wedding photographer, we 100% recommend her.  Just not for September 17, 2011.  She will be busy :)

You can see more of our engagement photos HERE by visiting Rosanna's blog.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sassy Save The Dates

You might remember from our engagement party post that our wedding theme is "love birds".  I decided on this theme after stumbling upon the cutest wedding invitations on  I fell in love... hard.  These were just what I wanted- cute, simple, not stuffy and most definitely fun.  It took a while to convince Matt that this was the direction we needed to go- that love birds were cool, hip and not too girly. I think what finally won him over was that these invitations were half the price of ordering from a printer- so in the end I got my love birds :)

Working with online shop was easy and a few weeks later I receive my Save The Dates in the Mail.  Coupled with a small DYI magnet project to help these beautys grace your refrigerators,  these babies were finally finished and ready to be shipped out.  So with out further ado, I can finally unveil our official wedding STD's..err, wait... maybe I shouldn't use that acronym.  Here's to Love Birds!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Engagment Party Extravaganza!

A couple of weeks ago, some of my AMAZING bridesmaids combined their power to throw Matt and I an absolutely wonderful engagement party.  What made the evening even better is that most of Matt's groomsmen made the trip down to Atlanta to join in the celebration.  That meant the world to Matt and to see the grin on that boy's face made my heart melt- even if they did show up with only half the beer.

We had so much fun with our friends and family and my girls did an amazing job with everything from the food, the invites, the decor and making the party special.

              Love them!

Then both Matt's parents and my parents surprised us with gifts. We were not expecting this and we were overwhelmed with love from our P's. Guess this means they approve!  Matt's parents contributed to our wedding fund and my parents surprised us with this beauty..... 

Do you see how excited I am?? And see Matt straining under the weight of this Mac-Daddy Kitchen Aid Mixer?  This baby holds 14 cups of flour. You read that right. 14 CUPS!
I broke tradition and used Martha the Mixer already ( yes- she has a name).  Partly because I am impatient and mostly because I think my parents would be sad if I let this gift sit for 8 months unused. Matt said it sounded like a turbo jet engine and it was only on the "stir" setting. This baby means business and I couldn't be happier :)

So a big thank you to all who helped out to make this day so special and for celebrating this step in our lives. Family and friends mean the world to us ...but the mixer is a close second.